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My style:
I have often been asked what my style is. In other words, what kind of pictures do I take, portraits, nature, studio, fine art, etc? I was never quite sure what to tell them, because I enjoy all of these styles and have done them all with varying degrees of success. I guess what it comes down to is, I shoot whatever strikes me as having the potential for a successful image. By a successful image, I mean that it will be pleasing to the eye, tell a story, or express an emotion, or strike up curiosity in its viewer, or basically anything that attracts and holds a viewers attention for whatever reason.

My equipment:
My first real camera was an old Nikon F2 (which was actually my Dad's). We had three fixed focal length Nikkor lenses and a Vivitar shoe-mount flash unit with it. It was and still is a great old camera. Some of my favorite images in the galleries were made with this system.

After using Dad's gear for a while, I decided to get my own. I ended up with a Canon EOS Elan body, a Tokina 28-70mm f/2.8, a Tokina 80-200mm f/2.8, and a Canon 540EZ flash unit. Later, I added the Polaris light meter that you see in the banner, a Bogen 3221 tripod and all kinds of other little stuff. Most of the images in the galleries were made with this equipment and I have been very happy with it. However, for those of you just getting started, you can make great images with just about any equipment. You just want to make sure that it will let you manually change settings like focus, aperture, shutter speed, film speed, etc.

General location:
A vast majority of my images were made in Northern California, less than 50 miles from where I lived in Oroville. There are some images from other states such as Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. However, in most of my images, location is unimportant.

I have tried to organize the images somewhat, so as not to be too messy. And remember all these pages are constantly UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so please be patient and keep checking back. I'm scanning as fast as I can :)

Well, with all that said... Click on the GALLERIES button below.

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